System Outages (8/13/2010)

Storms in the area have once again caused several school sites to go offline.  Boynton Elementary, Heritage Middle, Ringgold High, and Woodstation Elementary are all offline.  Woodstation and Boynton are on their way back up and users at that location should be able to access their email shortly.  Power is back on at Heritage Middle, but we are not able to remotely power on that system at this time.  It is likely that it will remain offline all weekend.  Ringgold High appears to still be without power or has another network related issue that we can not determine remotely.

We will continue to monitor the systems over the weekend and make remote repairs if possible.  As always, you can get up-to-the-minute status of our GroupWise email system by visiting our system status page at

Jarrod Holder
Network Administrator

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